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Construction Advocates LLC is composed of a team of experts which include Expeditors, Project Managers and Field Inspectors. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the expediting field with an extensive background in construction management, plan review, zoning and code research. Our commitment, expertise, and determination has made our firm a success.

Our clients’ needs and objectives are our number one priority. At Construction Advocates LLC we approach each project differently as every client has a unique objective. It is our goal to provide our clients with solutions and fast results. Navigating through municipal agencies is cumbersome and difficult. We guide our clients through this bureaucratic course, making the process successful.

Construction Advocates LLC is staffed to assist our property owner, developer, or contractor in every phase of the permitting and construction process. Throughout all phases of the project, we review architectural drawings for compliance with building code and zoning requirements. In addition, we prepare all municipal documents for departmental approvals and file the corresponding applications as required by the scope of work.

We are known for providing effective, accurate and prompt service. Whether it is removal of violations, attending an ECB hearing, obtaining DOB / DOT permits or expediting a certificate of occupancy, no job is too small. We are capable and willing to begin working on your project today.

Our prices are competitive and our service is well recognized. Contact our office for a free consultation.
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