Construction Advocates


At Construction Advocates LLC, we provide code consulting, construction management and municipal agency expediting services as required in an effort to ensure that our clients meet compliance with building code. Our ability to interact with regulatory agencies, results in efficient and on- time completed projects.
  • Municipal Agency Expediting
  • Construction Management
  • Zoning and Code Research
  • Inspections
  • Sustainability
  • Building Assessment

New York City Department of Buildings
Meeting with Plan Examiners
Property / Record Research
Obtain Approval /Sign-Off /Permit /Reconsiderations
Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancy
Tentative and Final Tax Lot Numbers
Violation Research, Consultation, Removal & Certification

New York City Landmark Preservation Commission
Inspections / Sign-Offs / Approvals
Obtain Certificates of No Effect
Obtain Certificates of Appropriateness
Public Hearing Presentations
Community Board Hearing Presentations

New York City Real Property
Obtain Lot Numbers
Perform Lot Mergers


New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Inspections / Sign-Offs / Approvals
Obtain Notices to Proceed

New York City Fire Department
Property / Record Research
Obtain Approvals / Permits / Sign-Offs
Violation Research and Removal

New York City Department of Transportation
Obtain Approvals / Permits / Sign-Offs
Violation Research and Consultation

Metropolitian Transit Authority
Transit Easement Certifications
Notices of Approval

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Obtain Tree Permits

Agency Expediting Services